Weingut Biegler

With all his heart he is Gumpoldskirchner. He was born here in 1962 and spent his childhood here. It was true that his education led him to Klosterneuburg and Germany, but in fact it was clear that the beautiful family estate in Gumpoldskirchen should bear his handwriting.

It is not easy in times like these: You do not have to be good, but better to achieve something – at all to have the reputation of being a top vintner. However, Othmar Biegler pursues his goals unerringly. Inspired. Involved. And even more successful!

The wines made by him do not always swim in the mainstream or even follow current fashion trends. They all have their own character. Crystal clear, elegant, variegated and lightning-clean.

His success recipe?

“The most important thing happens in the way of the wine – without my help, I can only support and ensure that the winestocks meet the best conditions, the grapes remain on the stick until the last time, are only selectively read by hand and processed quickly and cleanly. ”

That is all, the Gumpoldskirchner claims modestly.

He does not, of course, conceal how much one “hangs” at his ranks, how difficult it is to find the right time for every job, and how much depends on the weather.

“A good wine-maker simply feels that every position, every vine, and every wine has its own special perfection,” says Othmar Biegler, trying to get as close as possible to the ideal in his head. Since awards and awards can not be deceived, he himself is his worst critic.

“I am my worst critic because I know the possibility of my wines. I know about every weak spot and every chance, be it so small! ”

He is content with the results of the past few years, but have brought him to his goal – to create typical, fine wines with the drinking fun in the foreground and where one longs for the first sip after more!

“As a good wine-maker, you can simply feel that every vineyard, every vine, has the facility to perfection, only to make distinctive wines.”