Dear friends and wine lovers!

Here some highlights:

Graduated ITM College in Austria, at the same time got the “Young Sommelier Austria” degree.

For 10 years i’ve run the hotel at the ski resort. But wine was my passion every time. That’s because I was searching for any additional knowledge about it. I studied at Wine Academy in Rust, Austria and got Diploma as the wine specialist also at WIFI.

Let me proudly present my new project:


Now you can come personally and take a very exciting journey through the CORKOUT wine selection!

New exclusive winemakers! All your favourite "oldies" like Temer, Schuller, Biegler, Habsburg, Montecrocetta, are waiting for you in one of the cosiest places in Vienna.

You can be sure to find here French, Italian, Spanish, South African, Australian wines, whiskey, rum, gin, port wine, absinth, cognac, armagnac and so on.

Of course you can order the degustation via e-mail or per phone in Vinothek!

Already curious?

Degustation @CORKOUT - 3,6,9,12 wines of your choice, precise comments about each wine and winemaker, ham, cheese, baguette and a lot of fun!

Now you must come and try it out!


Argentinierstrasse 28

1040 Vienna

Open hours:

Monday till Friday from 14:00 till 19:00

Sunday and Saturday -  sorry, closed!